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1992-01-22 | de-Havilland

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Financially-troubled de Havilland aircraft in Toronto got new owners. Bombardier of Montreal paid 51 million dollars for 51 per cent of the company with Ontario picking up the rest for 49 million. Ottawa contributed 230 million dollars for research and development and restructuring. De Havilland worker Marie Docs said the announcement spelled relief for workers who had been wondering whether the future held a paycheque, or welfare. The federal government bought de Havilland in the 1970s, invested millions in it, then sold the company to Boeing in 1986 for 155-million dollars.

Date: 1992-01-22
Placeline: Toronto, ON, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << look at it this way if the government doesn't keep the jobs going they're going to be paying us anyways whether they pay me on you I see or welfare or whether I have a job pay taxes so better that they make sure that the jobs are there and that we all pay our share rather than take the money out of the system >>

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