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1992-08-19 | Dieppe-50th-anniversary

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Veterans Affairs Minister Gerry Merrithew paid tribute to those who 50 years earlier took part in the raid on Dieppe. Merrithew spoke at a ceremony at the Canadian war cemetery, saying Dieppe had its own place in the history of the war. (The disastrous raid was termed "a dress rehearsal" for the invasion of France and the establishment of the second front. August 19, 1942 was the costliest day of the war for Canadians. About five thousand men of the Canadian Second Division left for Normandy, and only 22-hundred returned to England. There were 900 deaths. Nearly two thousand more experienced chains, death marches and loss of liberty for the next three years of their lives.)

Date: 1992-08-19
Placeline: Dieppe, France
Source: The Canadian Press
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