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2000-02-10 | Dropped-Baby

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The woman whose baby fell from her arms over a North Vancouver suspension bridge was pleased she would not be charged. But Nadia Hama said the RCMP had treated her poorly from the start. Hama's daughter survived the 15-storey plunge with only scrapes and bruises.

Date: 2000-02-10
Placeline: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << when they like to meet socket they put me in the car he said we taking you to your daughter to the hospital the next thing I know they said you are under arrest in the car and this is how the whole thing started then they switched, you know their agenda from the basis of coming to my daughter to accusing me of killing my child got for but this is this is how horrible it was and they never check their facts straight >>

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