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1989-06-12 | Dubin-Inquiry-Johnson

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Five months into the Dubin Inquiry the world finally got a chance to hear Ben Johnson's side of the story. He testified that he started taking steroids without knowing it in 1981, when coach Charlie Francis gave him some blue pills with his vitamins. Johnson said at first be didn't know the drugs were banned, but became suspicious after the Pan Am Games in 1983. Inquiry lawyer Robert Armstrong led him through the questioning. (It was the first time Johnson had admitted taking steroids, despite the fact his positive drug test cost him an Olympic gold medal in Seoul.)

Date: 1989-06-12
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << some of these drives and that you had been taking more in fact something called steroids yeah and you became aware at that time that, that Diana by all the, blow pales worst downright yes >>

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