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2001-07-02 | Edmonton-Riot

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The damage estimate was being tallied on July 2nd after an early morning riot following Canada Day celebrations in a trendy central Edmonton shopping district. Canadian Press reporter Ken Trimble had this report.

Date: 2001-07-02
Placeline: Edmonton, AB, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 33 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << broken glass crunches underfoot near a flattened telephone booth on quite often you it was one of several targets for writers who clashed with police early this morning but a spokesman west Belmar says a total of ninety five officers had their hands full trying to disperse the crowd there was looting was smashed windows there was numerous attacks on police Belmore says too much booze and a core of troublemakers helped fuel the riot and a number of store owners say it's time to clamp down on bars in the area to prevent similar problems in the future can Trumbull broadcast news Edmonton >>

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