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1987-07-31 | Edmonton-tornado

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A tornado swept through Edmonton Friday July 31. When it was over 26 people were dead. This is a montage of Edmonton residents.

Date: 1987-07-31
Placeline: Edmonton, AB, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 50 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << right a deafening roar and the debris from the wrong the final itself was a half a mile in in the direction of the wind there they said their semi trailers right out of the place now now they say there's a major gas leak and there's Abbas is going through here by the dozens and we don't know nothing did you get family learn all about so long as I can see the tornado but the wind was carrying everything and I just my god the Bible and they just sat and I pray to god we put up with thirty below zero weather we don't put up with raging winds like that and it's almost disbelief by a deep down I know it was there I know I was there but I didn't believe that it and that actually happened >>

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