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2015-10-19 | FedElection-Trudeau

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Justin Trudeau used his maiden speech as prime minister-elect to start the healing process for wounds torn open during what was a divisive and lengthy election campaign. In particular, Trudeau spoke about cultural diversity, which became a divisive issue during the 78-day marathon. Trudeau said more work would be needed to heal wounds opened by such a debate. (Trudeau's Liberals won a solid majority in the election, ending the Harper Conservative era in the process and pushing the NDP back to third-party status in the House of Commons.)

Date: 2015-10-19
Placeline: Montreal, QC, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << and our hearts that this country's unique diversity is a blessing bestowed upon us by previous generations of Canadians Canadians who stared down prejudice and fought discrimination in all its forms we know that our enviable inclusive society didn't happen by accident and will continue without effort >>

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