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2013-05-12 | Ferry-Sinking-Trial

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On May 12th, Karl Lilgert, the navigating officer in charge of a passenger ferry that struck an island and sank off the coast of British Columbia in 2006, killing two passengers, was convicted of criminal negligence causing death. Canadian Press reporter David Lang had this report.

Date: 2013-05-12
Placeline: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << the BC Supreme Court jury deliberated for six days before bringing in the verdict against fifty nine year old Carl bill Gertz he was charged after passengers Gerald for easy and surely rose at died when the queen of the north sank off the north BC coast in two thousand six Mildert was in charge of the bridge when the ferry Mr critical turn and rammed an island builder testified he was doing everything he could to navigate the ship through rough weather but the crown claimed he wasn't paying attention to the ship's course before the collision David Lang the Canadian press Vancouver >>

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