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1996-10-19 | Fetus-protection

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A controversial case involving the rights of a pregnant woman versus the rights of the fetus began to unfold in the courts during the summer. On August 6th, a Manitoba judge ordered a 22-year-old pregnant glue-sniffing woman to undergo treatment for her habit. The order was stayed by an appeal court, and a subsequent bid by Winnipeg Child and Family Services to force the woman into treatment was turned down by the Manitoba Court of Appeal. In October, the Supreme Court of Canada agreed to take up the case, but not until the new year so interested parties could prepare their arguments. Dave Phillips, the woman's lawyer, said he was confident going before the Supreme Court because legal history was on his side.

Date: 1996-10-19
Placeline: Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << I think personally that the court would be going out on a limb if you're prepared to take the position that a fetus has a legal entity distinct from the mother and that that entity is entitled to protection from the actions of the mother essentially that sort of finding would preclude abortion and therefore has huge public policy implications >>

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