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1998-09-03 | Flight-111

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The unforgiving Atlantic started to give up more of the dead of Swissair Flight 111. Canadian Press reporter Murray Brewster had this report.

Date: 1998-09-03
Placeline: Halifax, NS, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 38 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << about one hundred soldiers scoured the beaches near Blanford Nova Scotia at some of them were there overnight the incoming tide delivered a number of body parts the remains of victims of the ill fated jetliner the plane went down in the ocean Wednesday night off southern Nova Scotia while attempting an emergency landing it's a grisly sight along the beach one the RCMP corporal everyone L. is loath to describe Ike I can I can confirm that yes human remains are coming ashore at that location major bill ponder the army says the cleanup is emotionally difficult and physically exhausting he says is the clear one section of beach and then look back more debris washes up behind them Marie Brewster Halifax >>

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