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2002-01-11 | Ford-Layoffs

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Ford dropped the axe on a Canadian light-truck plant as well as operations in the US as part of a major restructuring. The company announced on January 11th the closure of its Oakville, Ontario truck plant, laying off an estimated 15-hundred employees. Ford President Nick Scheele (SHAY'-lah) said the automaker would also be eliminating four vehicle lines. (Overall the company cut 22-thousand jobs in North America and 35-thousand worldwide.)

Date: 2002-01-11
Placeline: Detroit, MI, USA
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << we are going to reduce the present assembly capacity of the related infrastructure by dropping for low margin vehicles and we will do that by year and this year the vehicles that we gonna drop all the Ford escort the cougar the villager on the Lincoln continental and as I said they will cease production this calendar year >>

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