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1986-05-07 | Fotheringham-Charles-And-Diana

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On May 7, Canadian columnist Allan Fotheringham branded Prince Charles and Diana "Bat Ears and Busty'' during a broadcast interview with Britain's largest independent radio network. Canadian Press reporter Rick Gibbons had this report.

Date: 1986-05-07
Placeline: London, UK
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 59 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << the rebel from bothering him interview in which he describes members of the royal family as journalists wonders or evidence for hours afterwards the country's largest independent radio station accused fathering hem and other Canadian journalists are being at least partly responsible for princess Diana's fainting spell during a tour of expo eighty six following have suggested the most Canadians view the royal couple more like Hollywood stars the loyalty and are more interested in whether Diana shows any cleavages state functions or burn and rage British conservative MP Nicholas Fairburn branded fondling hands comments absurd and all I can say to miss the following I'm is Neville turned out to see the president of Canada whoever is on his wife who ever see is if he's got one and see whether she's got a cleavage showing at a state ball Britain's the Tories tabloids often exercise questionable ethics in covering the royal family over they are usually sensitive when it comes to criticisms of royalty voiced by foreign journalists right doubles in London >>

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