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2001-07-22 | G-8-Chretien

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Prime Minister Jean Chretien was blunt about the prospect of demonstrations at the 2002 G8 Summit in Alberta. The prime minister said on July 22nd peaceful protesters would be welcome, but violence would not be tolerated. (Chretien believed peaceful protests had impacted the agendas of recent G8 and other summits. Poverty and AIDS in Africa, along with improving world education, would be discussed at the 2002 summit, to be held in the Kananaskis (kah-nah-NAS'-kis) Country area.)

Date: 2001-07-22
Placeline: Genoa, Italy
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << they would be welcome in Canada and will make short that those who break will be punished they have the right to demonstrate there was a big peaceful demonstration yesterday thousands and thousands of people that's great burning cars it's not the demonstration burning building is not a demonstration and it is the job of the police to prevent that but the we have the obligation to me and it's not certain number of anarchist well well prevent democratic leaders to do their job >>

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