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1994-07-09 | G7-Chretien

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Prime Minister Jean Chretien pushed reform at the annual G7 summit in Italy. Chretien said G7 meetings should get back to their roots as a forum that deals more with economics than geo-politics. He extended an invitation to meet in Halifax in 1995, and said he would push for a meeting where only the leaders sat around the table, without all of their bureaucrats and underlings.

Date: 1994-07-09
Placeline: Naples, Italy
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 25 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << and that you don't have it done the people around you whispering in sending papers and so on it's easier and you can talk very frankly and grabs some tend to refer to much to their advisers went out to many advisors but here you are all by yourself so, provided some bureaucrat sweating in the next room >>

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