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1992-02-21 | GATT-farm-rallies

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Thirty-two thousand angry farmers marched on Parliament Hill, telling the government not to give in to GATT demands to dismantle marketing boards. At a similar rally in Halifax, more than 14-hundred people crowded into a hall at the Exhibition Park to support farmers. In Winnipeg, 900 people listened to an American dairy farmer sing the praises of supply-management. James Muzzie of Thief River Falls, Minnesota, said American dairy, egg and poultry producers wished they had Canada's system. He said it's worth protecting.

Date: 1992-02-21
Placeline: Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << I'd like to thank you turning farmers up here in your your rescue primers that are here too for what you're trying to do for your supply management system were really any of us down there in the state >>

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