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1993-01-18 | GM-cuts

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Because Chevy Lumina sales were slow, cuts previously announced at General Motors in Oshawa, Ontario were deeper and faster than first expected. GM said it would get rid of 1450 jobs, about 450 more than originally estimated. And GM spokesman Stu Lowe said the cuts would start in March, eight months earlier than expected, when GM eliminated one of two shifts at its number one assembly plant.

Date: 1993-01-18
Placeline: Oshawa, ON, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << we never store employs a smart in that, we're, could experience of volume related, layoff take effect, late March and will involve about fourteen hundred and fifty employees what it is is the removal of one for shift in our actual car plant number one which makes the Chevrolet Lumina >>

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