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1984-05-17 | Gordon-Sinclair-Obit-Berton

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Author Pierre Berton reacted to the death of "Front Page Challenge" co-panelist Gordon Sinclair on May 17.

Date: 1984-05-17
Placeline: Toronto, ON, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 40 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << well it's the way you would want to go you work right up until the end, was cheerful to the end died with his boots on and died painlessly and really instantly because he never recovered consciousness that's what I think anybody would want to go inside and not easy to really mourn for a man who's which is a fourth year as successfully as Gordon has a we're all going to miss him he was the mainstay of front page challenge he was unique there was never anybody like in the past I don't suppose it will be again and I suppose you could say it's the end of an era but the a garden would say life goes on and the show must go on and on and I think that was his his credo >>

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