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1990-04-10 | GST-Commons

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The Commons put its final stamp of approval to Michael Wilson's controversial tax on goods and services Tuesday, April 10. Canadian Press reporter Mike Omelus had this report.

Date: 1990-04-10
Placeline: Ottawa, ON, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << two protesters in the public gallery began selling it through a roll of paper on the Tory benches when the outcome was known to forcibly removed by guards in another last minute bit of defiance new Democrat MPs held a fist was a protest cards will they voted as expected renegade Tories Alex Indian David Kilgour voted against the tax a move that government house leader Harvey Andre says probably will get them expelled from the conservative caucus let me put it this way I'll be very surprised if there's any significant movement caucus for them to raise to stay there laundry downplayed suggestions the tax will be blocked by the Senate saying even liberals agree that at the end of the day the democratically elected Commons must have its way Michaelis Parliament Hill >>

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