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1991-01-10 | Gulf-homecoming

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Fears of a war in the Persian Gulf were put aside temporarily as hundreds of relatives welcomed home the crew of the navy supply ship Protecteur. The crew hadn't seen their loved ones since their ship left Halifax in August of 1990 for the gulf. They were met at Halifax airport by a military band, balloons, streamers and hundreds of teary-eyed relatives, including a few tiny ones who were born while their fathers were at sea. And in many homes, like that of Leading Seaman Gordon Jove and his wife Margaret, it was time for a belated Christmas.

Date: 1991-01-10
Placeline: Halifax, NS, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 11 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << balso a Saturday you know we're gonna have Christmas morning fantasy coming again and the tree fill up and all the decorations are up and and, we're we're just looking like it's going to be the twenty fifth of December >>

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