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1997-07-30 | Gustafasen-Lake

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Thirteen of the 15 people convicted in the 1995 Gustafasen Lake arms standoff served time in jail. The camp leader received the stiffest sentence -- four and a half years in prison. The sentences came nearly two years after the standoff in the BC Interior. Two women who gave birth during the trial were sentenced to time in the community. David Emery sat through most of the lengthy trial and compared the sentences to those given an Ontario police officer convicted in the death of native protester Dudley George.

Date: 1997-07-30
Placeline: Surrey, BC, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << I think it's disgusting that so people who stand on their rates and who are clearly assaulted by police officers all the evidence shows that all of the incidents were precipitated and started by police should get who joins Ignatz gets an eight year sentence also caper Knopf OPP officer to murder Dudley George gets two years probation that's kind of justice that this country dishes out I think it's a disgrace >>

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