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1991-07-20 | Halifax-riot

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Starting the night of July 18, Halifax police were put to the test. It started with 150 people, most of them black, charging several blocks through the city's downtown bar district. Fifteen people, all white, were injured. Black leaders said the riot was sparked by an incident the night before when some blacks were denied entry to a bar. At a community meeting, resident Buddy Adams had some words of advice for Halifax Police Chief Vince MacDonald.

Date: 1991-07-20
Placeline: Halifax, NS, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << be sensitive to the black people act up there in the area be sent up to the white people at downtown be sensitive these people are paying your religious you have to go when they're not with an attitude if you're going to be set up to crack and hit chief those days are over we seen told Africa we seen Arkansas I'm not going to take that crap anymore >>

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