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1996-04-09 | Heartbreak-Mom

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A flood of donations poured in when Toronto police released the story of a woman, with a young son, who had been the victim of a purse-snatching. Only problem was, there were holes in the story. She had a chronic kidney and bladder condition, and wasn't dying. But that didn't come to light until after the public had collected more than 100 thousand dollars, and the woman had held a news conference thanking everyone. Two days later 27-year-old Mercier was charged with public mischief. She pleaded guilty, telling the court she had concocted the story because the medication prescribed by her doctor wasn't enough to control the pain and a second doctor refused to prescribe more. She told police her purse had been stolen and hoped they would help her get more.

Date: 1996-04-09
Placeline: Toronto, ON, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << first of All I Want to say thank you to fifty five division because they've been totally totally amazing they're a great bunch of guys there and girls I don't want any of this money I just want my son to have something and I'm so glad that now he will >>

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