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1992-02-14 | Hibernia

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A week after Gulf Canada announced it was getting out of the Hibernia offshore oil project, the consortium announced layoffs. Petro-Canada President Norm MacIntyre, chairman of the Hibernia executive committee, said there was no alternative but to stop work immediately. MacIntyre said up to 50 people at a Montreal design office, about 450 at Bull Arm, Newfoundland and about 70 people at the design offices in Paris would be let go.

Date: 1992-02-14
Placeline: St John's, NL, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << starting Monday no new work will be initiated and most of the work that is currently under way will be rescheduled work will be stopped immediately a form on the concrete gravity base for the production platform while other parts of the work at Ball arm will continue >>

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