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1999-02-11 | Hussein-Canada-Chretien

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The prime minister apologized on Feb. 11 for not attending the funeral for Jordan's late king. He told the Commons he did not point the finger at anybody but himself. Still, Chief of Defense Staff, General Maurice Baril (bah-REE') said the military was to blame because it didn't have a plane ready to take the prime minister to the Middle East. Opposition leaders said Baril was paying for the prime minister's misfire.

Date: 1999-02-11
Placeline: Ottawa, ON, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << I wanted to go there and teddy blue sorry I could not be there but I don't want if there is any blame to gave I am here to take the blame Mister speaker I wanted to go there and I did not make it I'm sorry but it is the type of life >>

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