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1998-01-21 | Ice-Storm

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Power was slowly restored to bedroom communities on Montreal's south shore after a massive ice storm in January downed trees and power lines -- cutting electricity to more than 1.6-million customers in Quebec and eastern Ontario. In Boucherville, 56-year-old Laurent Tremblay got his electricity back after almost two weeks. He had stayed in his home for three days, but moved in with friends when it got too cold. Tremblay was one of the lucky ones.

Date: 1998-01-21
Placeline: Boucherville, QC, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << I missed the hot water first and foremost I guess thought water you know, but decided that we we didn't ran out of anything we had all the food we wanted we had all the medication we wanted we had all the support that we needed we had fire wood we had everything the only thing was that we didn't have electricity >>

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