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1995-09-07 | Ipperwash

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Police and natives involved in a standoff at Ipperwash Provincial Park in southwestern Ontario blamed each other for the death of a protester. An OPP riot squad opened fire after a bus and another car burst through a fence. Police say the natives fired first -- the natives say they were unarmed. Ontario Provincial Police spokesman Sergeant Doug Babbitt said they weren't looking for a confrontation.

Date: 1995-09-07
Placeline: Ipperwash, ON, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << I don't think we're looking for any type of confrontation like that we didn't wish what happened last night to happen, our offices were leaving that scene they had dispersed the crowd back into the park they were no longer needed there and they were leaving the box on the vehicle of pushing the dumpster came off the property attempted to run over our officers, the shots were fired from those two vehicles are officers returned fire >>

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