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2003-07-16 | Iran-Canada-Arrested

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Iran confirmed Iranian-born Canadian journalist Zahra Kazemi died of brain hemorrhage due to blows she sustained after her detention. It was the first time Iran confirmed that Kazemi, who died July 11th, was beaten. But Tanya Churchmuch, the Canadian president of Reporters without Borders, said it only confirmed "what we always knew." But Churchmuch said more disturbing was a meeting in Paris between her organization and Iran's Ambassador to France. (Kazemi, a freelance photographer from Quebec was arrested in Tehran June 23rd and branded a spy for taking photos of a prison.)

Date: 2003-07-16
Placeline: Montreal, QC, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << in that conversation the Iranian ambassador told reporters with our borders that ms because then he would quite likely buried late Sunday or early Monday right after having had an autopsy performed and that we do not know where she was buried >>

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