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2001-03-21 | Jaffer-Impersonation

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Canadian Alliance MP Rahim Jaffer played an embarrassing role in a radio talk show hoax. He read a statement of apology in the Commons, admitting he lied to cover up the incident in which his aide impersonated him on a Vancouver talk show. (Jaffer promised he would never do anything like it again.)

Date: 2001-03-21
Placeline: Ottawa, ON, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 20 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << reported that I've been running away and I moved here I'm not running away and I've said all that I've had to say and yesterday in my statement to the house and that's final that's all I have to say no I'm just I'm angry at the fact that I poured my heart out I said all I had to say and if you have any questions and I ask you to refer to my state >>

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