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1995-04-20 | Legislature-Explosion

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An explosion rocked the birthplace of Confederation. The blast shattered windows and destroyed a wheelchair ramp at the PEI legislature in Charlottetown. The legislature was in session at the time. One man on a bench outside the building was injured in the leg. Environmental Resources Minister Barry Hicken watched as broken glass fell on MLAs sitting across from him.

Date: 1995-04-20
Placeline: Charlottetown, PE, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 23 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << and if the shattered the windows on the three floors as well as the on the south side of things to say it knocked a loose stone off the building as well glass came crashing in on top us the backs of the members on the north side of the floor of the house and it was so very strong concussion like you could feel it on your chest and on your in you and in your years >>

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