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1987-09-11 | Lorne-Greene-death

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Actor Lorne Greene died in a California hospital on September 11 in 1987. He was 72. In a December 1986 interview Greene recalled that when he first tried to get a job as an actor in 1939 with the CBC he was turned down so he auditioned as an announcer.

Date: 1987-09-11
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << and I phoned up I said look I'm a Canadian citizen I went to school in the office to use a subject that I'm an actor I want I want to get in addition as an announcer though because somebody said announcing I said was announcing this so they tell me I said that I alright allows for an audition as an announcer which I did I said I demand an audition but this is the way to med wait a minute what's your name I said Lorne Greene I screamed in desperation they said well would that's the we have we're having auditions next Tuesday can you be here at at four o'clock I should be where I don't know what the sequence CPC what >>

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