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2000-04-19 | Mafiabey-Arrest

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The RCMP arrested a 15-year-old Quebec boy suspected in cyber attacks against CNN, Yahoo!, E-Bay and RCMP Inspector Yves Rouesel said the boy, known online as "Mafiaboy," cannot be identified because of his age. The Internet sites were shut down in February when computers around the world were used to bombard victims' sites with so much data that users couldn't access them.

Date: 2000-04-19
Placeline: Montreal, QC, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 25 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << investigators of Montreal arrested, Maffia boy and conducted a search of his residence the investigators seized all the computers and informatics material found on the premises a complete analysis of the items seized in order to identify additional pieces of evidence is on the way >>

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