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1992-04-14 | McKenna-plane

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New Brunswick Premier Frank McKenna was not hurt, nor were two pilots, when their small plane made an emergency landing in Fredericton April 14. One of the plane's wheels would not deploy for landing. McKenna said he was scared, but it wouldn't put him off flying. (Hundreds of people gathered at the airport to watch the government-leased plane circle the airport in preparation for the emergency landing. Among them were McKenna's wife, Julie and two of their three teenage children -- Jamie and Tina.)

Date: 1992-04-14
Placeline: Fredericton, NB, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << no no I'm not afraid to to fly again our pilots are first rate they're well trained and it's obvious that the whole system works the way it should work on and I'm not impressed with that plane right now but that's how I feel better tomorrow, all well you were I think your family imagine and a lot of things but, in this case everything turned out well >>

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