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2000-08-10 | Military-Ship

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The GTS "Katie" finally docked at a Quebec port after an eventful trip from Yugoslavia. The American-owned ship carrying 580 army vehicles and 390 sea containers with munitions had been seized by armed Canadian sailors Aug. 3. The owners had kept the "Katie" in international waters for two week because they said they were owed $190,000 money by a Montreal charter company. Private Jamieson Hatt was one of three soldiers escorting the equipment from overseas. He said he never expected the ship would be seized.

Date: 2000-08-10
Placeline: Becancour, QC, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << it shocked me that we were up on the bridge and, we heard the call over the radio without the mask and they said they were boarding and, we merely all we all put on our combats and I ran downstairs to, give the guys a hand if they need it now I was at >>

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