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1992-01-03 | Miss-Canada-pageant

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Rising costs and changing times sounded the death knell for the Miss Canada beauty pageant. Cleo Productions in Toronto announced it would no longer present the pageant, which had been televised by Baton Broadcasting since 1963. Edmonton broadcaster, Terry Lynn Myer, Miss Canada 1975, said the pageant had outlived its usefulness.

Date: 1992-01-03
Placeline: Edmonton, AB, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << I really feel that for young women now today that this is not the message that we're giving them is that that they should be involved in pageants and times have changed so I think as well there are still many other pad is everything from the mess when less than the best bar that and that it's become diluted so it's hard to to maintain the integrity of the pageant and what was originally intended for >>

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