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1997-01-13 | Missing-Yachtsman

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A Montreal yachtsman taking part in a round-the-world solo race went missing at sea. The Canadian Space Agency joined the search for Gerry Roufs using its radarsat satellite. Agency director Edward Langham described the South Pacific off Antarctica as one of the most treacherous oceans in the world. (Roufs contacted his family January 6th via the internet and race organizers said the last transmission from his onboard radio beacon came late on January 7th.)

Date: 1997-01-13
Placeline: St. Hubert, QC, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << from our experience of looking at ocean images these are very very bad conditions the the season this area on a have to have been a sailor's Tara for centuries I mean they're they all of the ban on the most awful sea conditions on the planet >>

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