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2001-06-04 | MPs-Pay-Raises

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It takes months -- even years -- to get some pieces of legislation through the Commons. But when you read as fast as House Speaker Peter Milliken, it doesn't take long to take a vote. Milliken worked at hyper speed on June 4th in introducing a motion to vote on a pay increase for MP's. (The bill gave MP's a 20 per cent pay raise --- 42 per cent for the Prime Minister.)

Date: 2001-06-04
Placeline: Ottawa, ON, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 54 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << immediately after routine proceedings on Wednesday June sixth two thousand one the bill should be referred to a committee of the whole house provided the day any member in table one minute which of an order the chairs are put at the appropriate time be after no more than one hour generation by set me on because one commission see something positive subject to debate amendment see any divisions request of the committee should be further from the end of the committee's consideration of the bill and the knowledge that the fifteen as part of the order time return at all necessary question before the committee stage in the report said there was a report and images that certificate forth with and three that after all questions on Thursday June seventh two thousand one how to tell me the secret service agents said builder in which no member speak for more than ten minutes in the domain of the fifteen minutes prior to the conclusion of government orders on that day operations as a service for the third reading stage which what any division answers for the region to take forth with for those members who object to the motion please rise in their place not order, the twenty five members having risen the motion is adopted >>

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