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1984-07-25 | Mulroney-debate-tax-loopholes

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Brian Mulroney said during a TV debate July 25 that he would close loopholes in the tax system that allow rich people to go without paying taxes. NDP leader Ed Broadbent said it's the first time he had ever heard that from Mulroney.

Date: 1984-07-25
Placeline: Ottawa, ON, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << yes he should pay tax and it should be a handsome tax reflecting the kind of a advantage that he gets out of the country abroad I think it's unfair yet but that that there be no such tax, and that by the ongoing utilization of a tax system that you can use it at the ten internet to preclude the possibility of your obligation of meat of paying taxes well Mister Moretti I've heard of conversions, at the last led the last minute but then we had, many debates in the house of Commons on on the economy and on on taxation specifically in some first time that I've heard that either party supports the removal I've said it many times and then then I think it was then I take your word for it if that's the case >>

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