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2000-08-16 | Native-Fishing

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A dispute over native fishing rights escalated between federal fisheries officers and New Brunswick's defiant Burnt Church reserve. Matthew Bailey-Dick, an observer with Toronto's Christian Peacemakers, said a fisheries boat deliberately rammed a native patrol boat he was aboard on Aug. 16 on Miramichi Bay. Members of Burnt Church had dozens of lobster traps in the water and said they had treaty rights to the resource, but the government said their fishery was illegal.

Date: 2000-08-16
Placeline: Burnt Church, NB, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << after the first time around some of the DFO yelled at us that we had to get out of there after the second time around they told us that we are all under arrest and, then the third time around us more from the back of the boat and that's when they were pushing us through the water with their boat and and wrecking our both >>

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