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2000-08-29 | Native-Fishing

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The federal government said it was upholding the law by cracking down on native fishers in New Brunswick. Fisheries Minister Herb Dhaliwal said he had no regrets about a morning raid on Mi'kmaq (MIG'-mah) boats in Miramichi Bay in August. Two of the boats were swamped and sunk as native fishers were forced to jump overboard. Members of the Burnt Church reserve said they have the right to establish their own lobster fishery.

Date: 2000-08-29
Placeline: Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << I'm forced Mustapha took over a thousand traps illegal unauthorized straps of the waters and, I said from day one we would have an orderly regulated fishery thurs unauthorized fishing legal traps we were removed and that's what we've done this morning >>

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