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2000-08-22 | NB-Natives-Fishing-Chretien

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Prime Minister Chretien said the government had handled the latest flare-up in Burnt Church, New Brunswick over native fishing rights properly. The flare-up on Aug. 22 over lobster traps culminated with a Department of Fisheries officer being hit in the face with a rock. Two people were arrested. Chretien said the DFO had no choice but to clamp down. DFO officials had already seized over 550 traps -- less than half of what were in the water.

Date: 2000-08-22
Placeline: Ottawa, ON, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 13 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << everybody has to respect the law sand and I think that, the, law enforcers are of following what is your duty to do and I hope that everybody will respect allies the way that a country function >>

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