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1986-09-03 | Newfoundland-public-strike

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On September 3, the Newfoundland Association of Public Employees resumed the strike it suspended April 7. About 5,500 clerical, highway and snow-clearing workers and administration employees walked out over the issue of pay parity of other government workers. NAPE president Fraser March said it appeared the government pulled out all the stops this time. (The two sides reached a tentative agreement October 6)

Date: 1986-09-03
Placeline: St John's, NL, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << I mean vindictive they just take the use of the police if that continues, government has got a massive PR campaign I've not seen the light of my life every two minutes themes of the private television and radio anyway, there's the there's a there's an ad from the government, cease to me that this could develop into a long after the strike >>

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