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1998-08-04 | Nisgaa-Treaty

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It was the end of a long journey for the Nisga'a (NISH'-gah) First Nation of northern BC. Officials of the federal and BC governments joined elders of the Nisga'a in the Nass Valley to formally sign the first treaty in British Columbia this century. Chief Joe Gosnell said his people had been fighting for the treaty for more than 100 years. (The Nisga'a would be given nearly two-thousand square kilometers of land in the remote Nass Valley plus self-government powers akin to municipal government.)

Date: 1998-08-04
Placeline: New Aiyansh, BC, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << I believe that this ceremony that you have witnessed the initialing of the final agreement is a triumph for the district people the people of British Columbia and indeed the people of Canada, today we make history as we correct the mistakes of the past and send this signal of hope around the world >>

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