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1998-06-10 | Nova-Scotia-Toxic-Homes

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A new study provided ammunition for people living near the infamous Sydney tar ponds. It found the level of arsenic contamination in soil around the Cape Breton site to be 18 times higher than the national standard. Juanita MacKenzie lived nearby and said June 10th the status quo was not acceptable.

Date: 1998-06-10
Placeline: Sydney, NS, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << we're the ones that are home with the headaches sore throat of burning eyes people to come down the street they've experienced this whether it be the media or the public everyone has experienced it they may not have come up fetish but they said to us that they are experiencing what's happening down there on that street and it's not good and it's not acceptable today I really don't think it's acceptable I know it's not acceptable and I am not accepting it >>

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