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1999-04-01 | Nunavut-Chretien

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Prime Minister Chretien said that with a stroke of a pen on Apr. 1, Canada's political landscape was forever changed with the creation of Nunavut in the eastern Arctic. He told a crowd of dignitaries in the capital of Iqaluit (ee-KAHL'-oo-eet) that Nunavut was showing the world the diverse nature of our country.

Date: 1999-04-01
Placeline: Iqaluit, NU, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 30 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << for me it is sort of a trend but this tremendous pride that through the creation of then of it Canada is showing the world once again how we joyfully embrace our many people and culture the government of Nunavut will reflect this diversity incorporating the best of any of it tradition and the modern system of open and accountable public government >>

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