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1993-01-06 | Nureyev-obit-Kain

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Rudolf Nureyev, hailed as one of the greatest dancers of our time, died on January 6th. Canada's prima ballerina Karen Kain first danced with Nureyev when he staged Tchaikovsky's "Sleeping Beauty" in 1972 with the National Ballet of Canada. She says Nureyev put the NBOC on the map. (Nureyev died in Paris at age 54 from AIDS.)

Date: 1993-01-06
Placeline: Toronto, ON, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << I think of the time that reference for this fact and I would say that was almost a decade, starting in nineteen seventy two of Bourbon a golden era for the national ballet of Canada I when I think back I mean out of the year before nineteen seventy one the company was divided into three groups and I was in one of those groups and we were going to Sudbury in Rolla and dancing in high school auditoriums and in nineteen seventy two because of Rudolf Nureyev we were feeling at the Metropolitan Opera house in New York and all over the states in major centers because >>

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