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2001-07-30 | Nurses-Dispute

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BC's health services minister said on July 30th he sympathized with frustrated nurses who wanted more money in their next contract. But Colin Hansen said giving them what they want could cripple health care funding. (More than five thousand nurses in the province had signed resignation letters that would take effect within 28 days of giving their notice to employers.)

Date: 2001-07-30
Placeline: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << I wish we had more money that we could put on the table to meet the demands but the fact of the matter is that there's three hundred million dollars more would have to be put in, to meet their demands of that money simply doesn't exist Darley choice if we had to come up with the that three hundred million dollars would be to further cut back on the operating room time further cut back on on surgeries >>

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