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2001-11-14 | Oilpatch-Vandal-Release

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There was a festive atmosphere at Trickle Creek, Alberta, where family members awaited the arrival of convicted oil patch bomber Wiebo Ludwig (WEE'-boh LOOD'-wig). Ludwig was released November 14th from a northwestern Alberta prison after serving two-thirds of his 28-month sentence for oil patch vandalism. Canadian Press reporter Lisa Arrowsmith described a welcome home banner created by the Ludwig family. (When he walked out of the prison, Ludwig told reporters "jail changes people.")

Date: 2001-11-14
Placeline: Hythe, AB, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << it says thanks for taking the rap it during the crap we love you pop and it's got the symbol of the hardships of flowers and a butterfly that may have been done by some of the children who live here, there's quite a crowd around the batters he put it up with step ladders all the kids are milling around and obviously there is some excitement as the as the way people look like returns after being released from prison today >>

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