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1997-08-21 | Olson-Review-Father

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Families of children murdered by Clifford Olson cheered and applauded as a jury rejected his bid for early parole eligibility. The jury spent only 15 minutes deliberating before reaching the decision. But Gary Rosenfeldt, father of one of Olson's 11 young victims, said the ruling wouldn't bring the children back. (Olson wouldn't be able to apply for full parole until 2006.)

Date: 1997-08-21
Placeline: Surrey, BC, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << and that's the difficult part we have to live with which they were like our kids never had any opportunity for a hearing hearing for parole they didn't have an opportunity for anything they're dead and buried and, this creep lives on, inflicting pain and suffering upon the families of his victims >>

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