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2002-07-24 | Pope-Boat-Cruise

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Pope John Paul took a three hour boat tour July 24th aboard the "Blue Sapphire." He cruised in the back of a multi-deck vessel on Lake Simcoe, north of Toronto. Broadcast News reporter Terry Pedwell was on hand as the Pope was greeted by about 20 young disabled people from a local center who paddled out in their own boats.

Date: 2002-07-24
Placeline: Joyland Beach, ON, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 25 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << one of the students says, they got as close to the boat as they could and they were actually able to touch the boat they say the, the pope wave to them didn't really say anything though, but he had through some rosary beads into their boat and, the priests who were with the pope through rosaries into the other boats as well another one of the students says it was a very special occasion probably something that once in a lifetime >>

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