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1993-07-16 | Quebec-Fatal-Crash

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A mini-bus and a pick-up crashed head-on north of Quebec City, killing 19 people. The mini-bus was carrying elderly people home to Verchers from a religious pilgrimage when the accident occurred on a two-lane highway. The pickup truck was towing a trailer filled with fuel tanks. Canadian Press reporter Peter Ray said most of the victims died in the fire after the impact.

Date: 1993-07-16
Placeline: Lac-Bouchbtte, QC, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << they were literally incinerated by the fire only two of them my managed to get out the they were rescued by, to passers by one of the mobile was in the rear of the bus seatbelt had to be cut in order to get that person out >>

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